3 Must-Have Job Skills That Mixed Reality Will Provide in 2021

As companies adapt to physical separation in the workspace and other challenges of COVID, collaborative mixed reality offers a simple, low-cost way to dramatically improve communications, quality, and efficiency. 

COVID will end, but Mixed Reality is here to stay. It answers the call for better quality training during and beyond COVID, solving the issues of 2-D presentation and compromised time management. Mixed reality allows workers to engage as if they are still  connected. Here are three job skills that are improved by the use of mixed reality:

Error Free Communication

Education, nutrition, medicine, and other pillars of the American lifestyle can use mixed reality to digitize their services for the sake of an improved customer experience. We have very little patience for waiting – whether that be waiting in line to buy a product, or waiting at the doctor’s office –  when, for example, telemedicine and telehealth can directly and securely connect the consumer with a solution more quickly. Mixed reality provides 4-dimensional interaction between patient and provider that avoids “remote risk” hazards, improves communication, and ensures a better result for the patient. 

High Memory Retention 

Overwhelming to – and unused by – most employees, digital manuals explaining new procedures or tasks don’t work very well when it comes to employee orientation. Those who take the time to read through manuals generally don’t remember most of the content. As a multi-sensory training and communication tool, mixed reality is the perfect medium for integrating new talent and upskilling. Mixed reality is a simple bridge from heavy paper (or even digital) information, to an interactive, easy-to-access, memorable, environmentally conscious, and long-lasting implementation of a company’s most important data. 

Active Engagement

Working from home takes a toll on employee engagement levels. Using a system that connects employees with fellow workers or directly to their customers in a highly engaging, interactive, and collaborative mixed reality environment increases engagement and connection between co-workers. Mixed reality is a remedy to flat-screen fatigue, and allows workers to actively participate with one another, and to experience the emotional connection that is an inherent need as social beings. 

To explore ways your company can use mixed reality to upskill and train during COVID and beyond, contact me directly at mbrooke@avatarpartners.com.


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