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 Our custom solutions are enterprise scalable and 100% customizable, giving you complete control and flexibility.

Leverage your existing tools with SimplifyXR’s Platform Agnostic, Open Architecture.

  • Publish to MS Hololens, iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform
  • Use any Unity-supported CAD/Animation tools
  • Use the vision science and tracking technique that supports your project: object / CAD, planar & market tracking, SLAM

No other AR/MR software provides all the following capabilities in one flexible package.

  • Enterprise Scalability – Maintain flawless configuration management
  • Codeless, Feature Rich – Powerful workflow-engine based
  • Simplified Creation – Standardize your best practices
  • User Performance Metrics – Productivity dashboards ensure optimal use
  • 100% Customizable – Integrate your own custom components
  • Rapid Configuration – Quickly configure and re-configure

We invite you to partake in our limited time 30-Day Free Trial of SimplifyXR. Contact us today to begin your Free Trial of SimplifyXR!

AVATAR Partners, the leader in Heavy-Duty Industrial Enterprise XR, uses SimplifyXR in-house for custom AR & MR applications for Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Construction, Defense & Manufacturing.

We are offering 100 Free Trial copies of our SimplifyXR platform to U.S. companies only. Please complete the requested information including the industries you support.

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The AR market is expected to grow to $25B by 2025. Industry is quickly adopting AR/MR for Enterprise, Commercial and Military projects. AVATAR Partners has cracked the code for affordable, sustainable, heavy-duty, industrial AR/MR applications.

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