5 Transformational Benefits to a Custom XR Solution

Every era of our recorded history comes with innovations that transform the human experience. At the turn of the century and the start of the dot.com boom, companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Intel led this shift towards digital, consumer technologies when the technology was at its most novice. Now these companies have become household names across every nation, utilizing next generation devices to improve their own business processes. Extended reality has been a leveraged asset for larger enterprises, and at AVATAR Partners, we develop end-to-end custom AR/MR solutions to fit specific needs that integrate to existing training, development and/or maintenance workflow processes for businesses.

A primary success factor of any custom AR/MR solution is enterprise scalability and 100% extensibility. These terms are used everywhere, but what do they really mean? Scalability and extensibility give a company control. They also ensure rapid, low cost updates, no need to rely on external sources for updates, flexibility, and built-in configuration management. If your business is looking to take the next step, take a look below at the benefits towards embracing custom XR solutions successfully.

Widespread Use

Have you heard of Apple? Rings a bell, we hope. What Apple has done to distinguish their products from competitors such as Samsung and Google, who were slowly closing in on the race for superior technology from Tim Cook’s team, is creating an accessible augmented reality component to their iPhone cameras that has made the newest models a success. Memojis have become the face — pun not intended — of interactive visual messaging, even leading Apple to improve upon its processors and camera strength to support augmented reality with all new phones. Amazon also embraces this approach with their AR tool that helps you visualize your product through your screen to help with your decision on a purchase. Its support is undeniable and will continue to grow in the new decade. 

Improved Connectivity

What COVID-19 taught the American workplace is that contained environments are not always the perfect havens for connectivity or efficiency. Being able to access people online at a moment’s notice is what keeps industries ahead while outdated companies wait for their responses behind old tech. Augmented reality presents an instant solution to visualizing any project or task – and doing it right, the first time around. The ability to craft your ideas before you implement and refine a result, is only made possible by the visual advantage of extended reality. Some of AR’s strongest adopters include warehouse and logistics with the benefit of integrating forcasting with real-time implementation.

Minimizing Risk

The key to evolving as a society is transforming the archaic work ethic for the sake of a smarter, more efficient solution. You may have heard the phrase “work smarter not harder,” and while its implications are not always the most accessible for budgetary reasons or insufficient bandwidth, augmented reality technologies have transformed into the type of immersive tech that will replace risk at the workplace in favor of a true-to-reality approach that will not only produce more refined results, its dependability and precision in the industrial sector and other fields alike can be a mainstay for operations in the nearby future. Operations through augmented reality have exceeded expectations with innovative companies and have found a way to expedite productions with a safe approach to work with items that have been hazards in the past. OEM and auto distributors around America are embracing the augmented angle at evaluating safety with the liberty to recreate any risk factor in order to come up with the perfect solution.

More Consumer Confidence

Providing the consumer with an instant look at what your company is offering has proven to be the best way to make a sale. Uncertainty is still present among every purchase, but there is a correlation to seeing the product, even feeling like you’re interacting with it, that helps the consumer decide on whether they request your services, or visit the competitor using AR technologies. 

Low Cost

Why build a model from scratch and go through the roadblocks of aligning your vision with a designer’s when augmented reality creates a collaborative slate for every business owner to confidently place their ideas on display? With the demand for augmented reality continually growing year to year, the need for cheaper operations will make this option an even easier decision as the technology improves and continues to find new ways to make your best work even better.

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