Automotive And Heavy Equipment Technical Documentation Streamlining Webinar

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 1-2 PM PT, Avatar Partners Inc. (API) and Absolute Data Group (ADG) will present a joint free webinar for the automotive, trucking, farm and heavy equipment industries regarding the rapidly evolving streamlined approach to technical documentation and publications.

Due to the rapidly evolving performance, features and functionality of these industries, a new approach to their evolving technical documentation and publications is also required.

Technical Documentation has dramatically changed over the last decade increasing with the addition of new systems, functions and capabilities, and often it is the quality and ease of use of these documents that means success or failure in the rapid repair of these vehicles, along with the subsequent costs involved.

Today, technical publications have become an integral part of the decision making process especially between comparable highly competitive complex products.

This webinar will address the problems and solutions to maintain a fleet of vehicles and keeping a competitive edge using Electronic Technical Manuals and Publications (IETM / IETP).

The Military and Aviation Industries have turned to Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Publications to solve this problem and now so are the leading heavy equipment manufacturers.

Avatar Partners has been working with complex IETPs for the past seven years for the Military and for logistics applications, providing the needed electronic documentation for all high volume complex systems that will allow the user to action faster, and to spend less as the system evolves.