Avatar Partners, Inc. partners with Toppel Consulting, Inc.

Avatar Partners, Inc. (API) is pleased to announce our partnership with Toppel Consulting, Inc. (TCI), bringing Extended Reality and Mixed Reality to the construction industry utilizing TCI’s 25 years of experience providing construction services to owners and general contractors.

At API, we thrive on pioneering innovative solutions to complex systems. Our teaming up with TCI is a continued step forward.

As technology evolves, the construction industry faces many challenges on how technology can better serve and improve the industry.

The four main areas of focus will be:

1.       Design

2.       Quality Control / Quality Assurance

3.       Maintenance -Both for Construction and Building Equipment

4.       Training

Current products in development:

– Integration with Building Information Models (BIM) for Design Coordination

– On site implementation for layout, installation and installation verification

– Equipment Operational and Safety Training for Areal Boom Lifts

– Holographic Solutions for Building Site Development and Design

For insight and inquiries as to have we can assist in providing solutions to your current and future needs, please contact us.