AVATAR Partners Inc. Wins SeaPort-E Contract

SeaPort-e: Avatar Partners is a prime on the NAVSEA Support Services Acquisition Program Office’s SeaPort-e contract.

Contract Number: N00178-14-R-4000.

Zones: Avatar Partners is approved to work in zones 1 (North-East), 2 (National Capital Zone), 3 (Mid Atlantic Zone), 4 (Gulf Coast), and 6 (Southwest Zone).

Task Orders: No Task Orders have been awarded at this time. Task Orders will be added as they are recieved.

Quality Assurance: Industry standard measures are interwoven throughout our management process in both performance as well as the planning for projects. Our process is made up of rigorous methods used to improve performance as well as deliver the best product possible. There is a conscious effort towards this process being a complete and integrated effort, involving staff at multiple levels within the company. In particular, emphasis is placed on satisfying criteria including, but not limited to, cost, quality, and overall timetables. Avatar Partners methodically and continuously applies these procedures for each step and phase of any given project in order to deliver quality products.

In regards to SeaPort-e, Avatar Partners QA procedures will help to ensure that the best quality product is produced. All tasks and assignments will be carefully reviewed and analyzed from start to final output. Review by peers within Avatar Partners will help to ensure any defects and improvements are quickly and efficiently identified. Defects that are found early on in the overall process contribute to ensuring the preservation of both timetables and quality.

Responsibility for program Quality Assurance falls upon the Program Manager, who oversees assignments and tasking. Additionally, any fine tuning or adjustments are implemented as needed. Ever vigilant, our QA team will also be aware of progress and metrics throughout the project timeline. In-progress reviews to ensure quality will also be strategically and thoroughly applied. Documentation for any discrepancies will be reported and sent to the Program Manager. Avatar Partners strives to maintain quality of all products as a company-wide initiative that is present from the early proposal stages to final delivery.