AVATAR Partners Transforms Unity-based SimplifyXR into End-to-End Mixed Reality Platform

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Oct. 13, 2020 – AVATAR Partners, a world-leading innovator in virtual, augmented and mixed reality (extended reality or XR, collectively) solutions for heavy-duty industry and defense, has introduced four major enhancements to its codeless, mixed-reality software authoring tool, SimplifyXR. A feature-rich, workflow-based, rapid-development tool for building heavy-duty, enterprise MR applications – such as training, maintenance, scenario rehearsal and job performance aids – SimplifyXR enables non-programmers to develop 10 times faster than traditional methods.



Caption (AVATAR SimplifyXR 1): SimplifyXR v1.4 helps large enterprises manage the end-to-end, immersive-reality design, development and deployment lifecycle.

Caption (AVATAR SimplifyXR 2): With its very user-friendly design, SimplifyXR enables non-programmers to develop 10 times faster than traditional methods.

The new enhancements in SimplifyXR v1.4 elevate the software to help companies manage the end-to-end, immersive-reality design, development and deployment lifecycle for large enterprise with four powerful new features:

– Real-time Content Distribution. Multi-device, instant distribution of all applications and updates to reduce errors and save time. Support for any MR-enabled device, eliminating device control issues and ensuring 100% accurate data to the user.

– Configuration Management. Single source of authority for production content, multi-versioning, multi-user-roles, multi-language support and live content versioning with roll-back for quality escapes and updates.

– Rapid, Transparent Updates. Unique content management design to store and control all assets, asset bundles and logic, enabling reuse and standardization so teams of engineers and content developers can switch between and update apps with no previous app-specific knowledge to reduce risk and save time and money.

– SmartMR Integration. Productivity boost by integrating with most data sources including IoT, artificial intelligence, databases, haptics and sensors to provide users with relevant information from within the AR experience. Also used for recording and tracking of performance, equipment, environment and processes with built-in analytics.

“We updated SimplifyXR based on input from our customers. What was once a codeless, rapid XR development software has matured into a scalable, end-to-end XR enterprise distribution and management platform,” said AVATAR Partners CEO Marlo Brooke. “We are proud to say that, with these new features, SimplifyXR unlocks the full power of Unity and mixed reality. For those companies still coding in Unity line by line, we can even leverage parts of their existing apps by converting them into the SimplifyXR platform, which reduces rework. In a nutshell, it lets our customers be in control.”

Initially designed by AVATAR Partners for developing custom, mixed-reality projects for its customers, the unique set of functions incorporated into SimplifyXR also includes:

– Built-in precision to produce enterprise-ready MR applications free of jitter, drift or markers for a highly precise MR experience to 1/8th inch for any-sized object or environment

– Acceleration of content development tenfold

– Content capture to allow subject matter experts to develop and contribute content and make updates without recompiling

– Innovative design to significantly reduce maintenance costs

– Remote 4-D, AR-powered collaboration with Avatar CONNECT or Microsoft 365

– Agnostic support for all major platforms, hardware, AR devices, vision science and CAD/animation tools

– Worlds first fully 100% extensible codeless XR authoring tool

For complete information on AVATAR Partners XR solutions and services, visit www.avatarpartners.com.

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