MR Glasses: What’s Best For Your project? Hololens, ThirdEye, Google Glass etc.

SoCal Extended Reality for Business Meet-Up
June 17, 2020 – Noon to 1 pm

Marlo Brooke will host a meetup on June 17 from Noon to 1pm Pacific time. The Mixed Reality Glasses market has evolved significantly in the past 18 months. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses. To sign up go here.

This presentation will provide product comparisons and insights into which glasses are right for your AR/MR project.

Technical FAQ's will be discussed such as:                                                                                                                                                 

1. How far away is the screen focus?

2. Is it possible to connect MR Glasses with a hardhat?

3. Can you run multiple applications during video recording and calling to run procedures while accessing a remote expert?

4. What is the durability of the headset?

Join Mixed Reality Thought Leader, Chris Farr, AR Enterprise Strategic Partnerships at ThirdEye for a 45 Minute Presentation followed by 15 Minutes Q&A.

About Chris Farr
Chris’ background is in Healthcare and Medical Devices. Chris co-led the national business development and network-wide integrations for some of the largest hospitals in the country for specialized ultrasonic imaging. After meeting the CEO of ThirdEye during their prototype phase with the X1, he was recruited to lead multiple initiatives, including penetration and adoption into the Healthcare market. Chris' focus at ThirdEye is to identify and recruit synergetic partnerships to solve the unique challenges and demands that end-users face to create more bandwidth, decrease costs, and improve efficiencies.

About Marlo Brooke
Marlo Brooke is a technology visionary with an unrelenting passion for innovating the impossible. Under her leadership for the past 17 years, AVATAR Partners™ continues to drive the XR Ecosystem with disruptive solutions that Simplify Complex Systems™ , including heavy-duty, industrial grade Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Spatial Reality and Holographic software and services for Aerospace, Construction, Defense, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Her solutions are known for increasing quality, efficiency, sales and profits throughout the product life cycle and the digital thread. More on Marlo Brooke.

About Third Eye
ThirdEye Gen is a Mixed Reality hardware and software company with its original background coming from Optics and Augmented reality technology for the Department of Defense. The Third Eye X2 is the world’s lightest and most durable binocular, stand-alone smart glasses on the market. At 9.8 ounces, the X2 fits a wide field of view and contains powerful sensors for heavy SLAM-capable applications. With its high brightness display, it’s the ideal headset for outdoor and extended-use deployments.

About AVATAR Partners, Inc.

AVATAR Partners, Inc.’s (API) offers best-in-class Extended, Augmented and Mixed Reality software and solutions for the real world. Founded in 2003, API’s mission is to strengthen American commercial industry and warfighter readiness with innovative solutions, Simplifying Complex Systems® - increasing the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of equipment, systems, and processes at the point of need cost-effectively.

For the past 15 years, API has developed and sustained innovative training systems, job performance aids and software products for hundreds of military and commercial equipment and aircraft. API also provides program support and business process analysis for large programs, including the F-35 Joint Program Office.

AVATAR Partners is a woman-owned small business based in Huntington Beach, CA with offices in Arlington, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.

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