United States Coast Guard

Avatar Partners offers a variety of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality programs, IoT and AI/Analytics/Big Data that have a multitude of applications that are useful in mission planning, training, simulation and Job Aid applications.

Augmented Reality Solutions for United States Coast Guard

Avatar Partners can assist maintenance personnel using our Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA), as well as developing similar systems for a wide variety of complex solutions and procedures in use by the Coast Guard today.
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Our IoT and AI/Analyzation/Big Data applications reduce decision cycle time, improve information value, reduce maintenance and down time, reduce resource shortages and waste, improved energy efficiency, improved logistics, and unify battle-space awareness. 

US Coast Guard 87 Ft Patrol Boat Augmented Reality Maintenance Trainer/Simulator

The US Coast Guard Augmented Reality Maintenance Trainer/Simulator (USCG AR-SIM) for the 87 Ft Patrol Boat uses Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) augmented reality technology to significantly improve training and reduce time and errors of associated with complex maintenance and repair tasks.