xRS Week 2019

SimplifyXR – Avatar Partner’s Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality development software for non-programmers – is a Finalist for the 2019 Innovation Award – Innovative Enterprise Application by leading XR industry analyst Greenlight Insights. SimplifyXR has proven results achieving 4,800% greater accuracy at 10x the speed – for developing heavy duty, enterprise AR/MR applications in a cordless, drag-and-drop environment. Many thanks to Greenlight Insights and the great minds behind the nomination, Peter Rubin (Wired), Linda Jacobson (Set It Spinning), Michael Yang (OMERS Ventures), Lance Anderson (Lance AR), and Martina Welkhoff (WXR Fund). The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 16th at xRS Week. Finalists for the 2019 Innovation Awards for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Excellence