Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid

ends costly mistakes and delays.

Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA) is the world’s leading production-ready Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Maintenance Training System and On-the-Job Performance Aid for Heavy-Duty Enterprise.


  • Reduce errors to zero
  • Reduce time to train by 80%
  • Reduce time to troubleshoot by 75%
  • Enable less skilled technicians to perform at significantly higher levels
  • Reduce sustainment costs by 70%

Developed originally for the US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Air Force, ARMA trains and guides technicians to complete complex maintenance procedures for Aerospace, Aviation, Ships, Land Vehicles and Equipment for Military and Commercial Industries.

Includes Avatar CONNECT: Technicians can share their environments with multiple remote team members anywhere in the world in 3D – reducing time to complete procedures correctly, the first time.

Includes SimplifyXR: Enterprise content management system for configuration management, standardization, simultaneous device updates, asset reuse, and codeless software maintenance.

  • Hardware Agnostic
  • 100% Configurable
  • 100% Extensible

Augmented Reality Maintenance | Motherboard Image
Augmented Reality Maintenance | Construction Image
Augmented Reality Maintenance | Construction Image