Connect Virtual Team Members for Real-Time Augmented Reality Collaboration

Using mobile devices, on-premise team members can share real-time views of equipment and environments with remote experts in multiple locations. A unique 3D annotation feature allows teams and senior experts to virtually view and draw on objects in 3D using a tablet or remote PC – providing guidance to do the job right the first time. 
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Avatar CONNECT Features:

  • Collaborative virtual robust, low-cost, AR software solution
  • Enables simultaneous collaboration between many users 
  • Rapid, easy setup - no development required! 
  • 3D spatial recognition locks the annotation on the viewer’s target 
  • Flexible – runs on iOS, Android and Windows 10 
  • Combines AR with visual, audio and annotation features 
Real-Time Collaboration | Support Team

Avatar CONNECT Benefits:

  • Multi-faceted “Show me, tell me, guide me” AR improves team communication and comprehension 
  • Eliminates travel cost and downtime
  • Substantially reduces errors and rework 
  • Improves safety, quality and productivity 

Avatar CONNECT Pricing:

  • $5,000 / year 
  • Supports up to 15 concurrent users 
  • Includes AVATAR Partners Training and Support 
  • Third party costs may apply depending on operating system and network 



Per Month
  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature
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Per Month
  • First Feature
  • Second Feature
  • Third Feature
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