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Leverage your existing tools with SimplifyXR’s platform-agnostic, open architecture. Publish to MS Hololens, iOS, Android, or Universal Windows Platform. Use any Unity-supported CAD/animation tools. Use the vision science and tracking technique that supports your project: object/CAD, planar & marker tracking, or SLAM.
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Using mobile devices, on-premise team members can share real-time views of equipment and environments with remote experts in multiple locations. A unique 3D annotation feature allows teams to virtually view and draw on objects in 3D using a tablet or remote PC – providing guidance to do the job right the first time.
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Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA) is the world’s leading production-ready Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Maintenance Training System and On-the-Job Performance Aid for Heavy-Duty Enterprise
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AVATAR Partners offers a variety of Augmented Reality programs that have a multitude of applications that are useful in design development, design integration and implementation, field coordination, installation, quality control/quality assurance, equipment operations, safety training and maintenance, and building system planning/monitoring, which reduce maintenance costs and increase equipment longevity.
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AVATAR has launched 7 new Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality solutions over the past 18 months that are transforming the AR Ecosystem. These include advanced maintenance and training systems, scenario planning, job performance aids and enterprise solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Data Integration. AVATAR achieved a 4800% improved accuracy for locking onto any sized object in harsh environments. This results in the ability to deploy heavy-duty AR/MR in nearly any environment.
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