Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Avatar Partners continues to push the limits of our training solutions and job performance aids by communicating with networks of physical devices in order to exchange data. These physical devices include sensors and built-in-test data that help determine maintenance schedules and tasks, as well as predict potential system and component failure and safety issues. Our training products and job aids can react to this exchange of data in order to present the end-user with information and instruction that is applicable to the current and future situations. Avatar Partners works with customers to integrate Artificial Intelligence or Analytics into their training, maintenance or job performance programs to rapidly make use of large volumes of data effectively and efficiently and aid in decision-making.

  • Military – IoT combined with AI: Military commanders live and die by information—both quantity and quality, reduce decision cycle time, Improve information value, reduced maintenance and down time, reduced resource shortages and waste, improved energy efficiency, improved logistics, and unified battlespace awareness
  • Manufacturing – Gain Production Visibility and Flexibility, equipment effectiveness (25% increase), and reduced defects
  • Machinery and equipment monitoring along with Big Data – Machinery sending real time data that is analyzed can reduce maintenance and downtime, and optimize productivity and reliability
  • Logistics and Warehousing – Iot with AI will improve efficiency, safety and security, automate business processes to eliminate manual interventions, improve quality and predictability, and lower costs
  • Medical – Turn medical device data into electronic medical records and sends them to a hospital’s private cloud, where data analytics can be performed to better evaluate a patient’s condition