Best-in-class Extended, Augmented and Mixed Reality for the Real World

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AVATAR achieved a 4800% improved accuracy for locking onto any sized object in harsh environments. This results in the ability to deploy heavy-duty AR/MR in nearly any environment.

Our supremely accurate AR maintenance instructions result in less errors and reduced time on task, with AR and VR solutions viewable on multiple platforms including head mounted displays such as the Microsoft HoloLens, as well as ruggedized Android and iOS tablets and other mobile devices.

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Extended Reality software for creating heavy-duty, custom AR & MR enterprise applications with zero errors and reduced time on task. 4800% improved accuracy. 100% customizable. 10X faster to develop. Drag and drop interface.


Augmented Reality Maintenance Aid (ARMA) – A single AR/MR training and job performance aid that that enables the user to train and maintain with zero errors, higher efficiency, accuracy, and perform tasks above his/her current knowledge.


Next Gen AR. AR Training Application without Glasses or Tablets.

Construction Smart Design

An AR/MR application that enables architects and designers to visualize and modify different scenarios of the design in 3-dimensional space.


AR/MR Application that enables architects and designers to visualize & modify different scenarios of the Design in Three-Dimensional space.


An AR Application that takes your BIM content and into the three-dimensional real world, enabling workers to perform the three critical I’s: Installation Location, Installation Instruction, Installation Verification (QA/QC).

Vehicles AMPA

Aerial Manlift Performance Aid

Mission Planning ARDA

(Augmented Reality Decision Aid) – Extracts data from existing mission planning systems as a visual 4-D AR experience through time and space, enabling visualization and modification in a multi-platform, multi-threat, real terrain environment. For the warfighter and first responders.