AVATAR Partners enters a Reseller Partnership with Mantis Vision

We now capture large objects and large areas into 3D data with color for AR, VR, 3D Printing, and Mobile Apps in seconds!

Huntington Beach, Calif., May 1, 2018 – Avatar Partners, offering innovative solutions to strengthen American Commercial Industry and Warfighter readiness, announced today it has signed a reseller partnership agreement with Mantis Vision. This partnership enables Avatar Partners to offer cutting-edge 3D scanning technology such as the F6 Smart that is capable of high-resolution details within scanning distance at an accuracy of 0.1% – 0.2% out of the whole object with proven top performance in 3D scanning. We can quickly capture 3D data and color of real-world objects and areas for AR, VR, 3D printing, and mobile applications. This 3D scanning technology has up to 4 times more critical feature density, relative to our competition, resulting in high resolution 640,000 points per second 3D scanning using the handheld F6 Smart.

This 3D scanning technology by Mantis Vision quickly turns people, objects, and places into high resolution, 3D content, in real-time. In the past, 3D modeling took weeks to complete from scratch. Now, it takes a matter of seconds to collect the 3D data. The 3D scanning technology collects 640,000 points per second with color from any object, person, or place. The 3D data is uploaded and rendered for AR, VR, 3D printing and Mobile applications. We can export the volumetric scanned 3D data into .OBJ, .STL, XYZ, PTS, PLY, and E57.

Avatar Partners is excited about our reseller partnership with Mantis Vision. Through this reseller partnership, we look forward to providing highly detailed and colored/textured 3D models in our AR, VR, 3D printing, and mobile application offerings to strengthen Warfighter readiness using innovative solutions and proven top performance 3D scanning technology.