SimplifyXR Kickstarter Campaign is now underway!

SimplifyXR is an Augmented Reality software that allows non-programmers to create heavy duty, industrial AR Applications twenty times faster. Join SimplifyXR’s Evolution – a proven AR development tool for non-programmers – as we add new capabilities!

This powerful software was created by our team of AR Developers, Graphic Artists, Multimedia Specialists, Instructional System Designers, Quality Assurance, Security, and Subject Matter Experts who hail from the very demanding aerospace, ship building, automotive, construction, oil & gas, and defense industries. Our team uses SimplifyXR in-house to develop heavy-duty AR Applications for our customers in Aerospace, the US Military, Construction and Manufacturing.

Now we’re making it available to the public!

Why Kickstarter?

As we work with more and more customers, we are hearing about critical features that would hyper-power their AR Experiences. The four features we are adding with your pledges are:

#1 – Analytics and Performance Metrics – Record and visualize end-user performance metrics and analytics related to the effectiveness of the AR experience and how the experience is being used.

#2 Simplified Creation – allows your best subject matter experts to create AR experiences for others while working on the job, ensuring best practices become standardized across all users.

#3 – Vision Sciences – we will add additional support for other vision sciences,including but not limited to ARKit and ARCore.

#4 – Your Choice – We want to make SimplifyXR 2.0 your preferred AR Development Tool, so the fourth feature will be the most brilliant idea(s) that YOU, our backers, provide to us. This way, our campaign will enable a product tailor built for you, with you.

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