Calculating Value and ROI with XR Training

When adding AR/MR/XR to existing learning programs, we must often quantify the value and return on investment (ROI) that can be expected from these new programs. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from veterans in the industry.

We will be addressing 3 main topics:
-How to Objectively & Subjectively Assess & Quantify ROI for XR
-How to Communicate the value that Immersive Technology brings to training programs
-Using the XR value proposition to create change in the training space

This Online Meetup features Jeff Meador, Founder of JMXR, VRARA Training Committee Co-Chair, and Advisory Member of AIXR.

Mr. Meador began his career working with Stanford’s Multimedia Laboratory in the 1990s, developing some of the first online interactive experiences for classrooms. He has maintained his passion for leveraging and extending technology to create effective and engaging methods of learning. In recent years, his focus has turned to immersive media such as virtual and augmented realities. He works directly with both enterprise and start up clients, providing a clear, straightforward path to successful implementation and adoption of immersive reality technology. He is a champion of standards, best practices, and the science of learning, having authored or co-authored several white papers for the VR/AR Association in support of using immersive reality in the enterprise. His proactive, results-oriented approach has led to numerous awards and accolades from Forbes, Engadget, and Time Magazine.

Due to the challenging times our nation is currently facing with COVID-19, AVATAR Partners is hosting our first online meetup. The link to join can be found here.