AVERtek Partnership Announcement

AVATAR Partners, Inc. partners with AVERtek to develop AR apps in experiential 4th dimension storytelling.

Huntington Beach, CA – March 17, 2020 – AVATAR Partners, Inc. (API) is pleased to announce its strategic alliance partnership with AVERtek of Garden Grove, CA, bringing Extended Reality and Mixed Reality to experiential story telling. AVERtek is a mixed reality agency that takes any print media into the 4th dimension. Founder Michael Renzi heads up a team who collectively have nearly 20 years of experience in Mixed Reality. The power to convert print into a digital medium allows companies and brands to develop a personal connection with their prospects/customers by superimposing computer-generated images over reality.

Extended Reality (XR) technology has proven its value for industrial use and as a powerful training tool. AVERtek’s mission is to bring this powerful communication and engagement tool to all types and sizes of business. It’s this mission statement that propelled AVERtek to develop an agnostic Universal XR-ASAP app, using Enhanced Hybrid Application technology, allowing multiple brands to provide Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for both their prospects and customers. The XR-ASAP App is free to both companies and users, representing a one-time download into a portal of multiple brand experiences. AVERtek’s approach has allowed any size company to venture into the realm of AR possibilities easily, quickly and at a low entry cost -- paving the way for AVERtek to develop additional XR programs that lay the foundation for companies to utilize the vast power of this technology that directly engages people inside and outside their business.

At AVATAR Partners, we thrive on pioneering innovative solutions. Our teaming up with AVERtek is a continued step forward into the next dimension in mixed reality,” stated Marlo Brooke, CEO of AVATAR Partners.

About AVATAR Partners

AVATAR Partners, Inc.’s (API) offers best-in-class Extended, Augmented and Mixed Reality software and solutions for the real world. Founded in 2003 API’s mission is to strengthen American commercial industry and warfighter readiness with innovative solutions, Simplifying Complex Systems® - increasing the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of equipment, systems and processes - at the point of need, cost effectively.

For the past 15 years, API has developed and sustained innovative training systems, job performance aids, and software products for hundreds of military and commercial equipment and aircraft.

AVATAR Partners is a woman-owned small business based in Huntington Beach, CA with offices in Arlington, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.

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