4 Key Factors for XR in the Industrial Sector

The best way to know your work is to see your work, and AVATAR Partners offers immersive, extended reality (XR) solutions needed in your industry to help reach your ideal goal; transforming the visionary into a genuine vision. XR, most notable augmented reality (AR), has exceeded its utility in the entertainment sector and grown into a beneficial tool that ranges from the United States Air Force to Google and their neighbors in Silicon Valley. As a nation we continually find ourselves a step forward in better operations and XR is becoming the cornerstone for the 21st-century industrial consumer. Here are four key reasons why XR is shaping the industrial sector.

Minimizing Risk

AVATAR Partners has helped the United States Air Force make a proper introduction to augmented reality by implementing services such as recreating environments through AR to help spot defects in operations invisible to the naked eye. Present and thriving in the medical field, augmented reality has made the concept of a “test dummy” outdated by instead having the ability to digitally recreate a subject – both visually and haptically  and have full autonomy on how to conduct the controlled observation. Now the modern architect or doctor can visualize their subject and practice their duties before moving on to the real thing.

Growing XR Economy/Demand

Our nation’s best developers are shifting to studying augmented reality, which is making the technology better and easier to access for all companies — from online 2-dimensional visualization to a 4-dimensional physical experience over time. Facebook, Apple, and companies alike have grown in their request for designers ready to work with augmented reality, which allocates our best minds to this emerging technology and promises great results through improved data. As a 100% customizable service, AVATAR Partners integrate your preferred components thorough a fully agnostic and extensible architecture and craft.

Data Collection

As data and the Internet of Things are now household topics thanks to apps like Alexa and Siri, XR helps allocate the data of every project onto a single platform that helps companies stay on top and in control of the overflow of data. With cloud-based platforms facing a continual need to provide bandwidth in support of growing amounts of data, augmented reality helps centralize your operations in an accessible, digestible manner. AVATAR Partners is unveiling a new database that will observe the smallest details of human and object behaviorial patterns to reduce the level of made risk that balances the safety of automation with the creativity of a worker.

Expanded Audience

Mixed reality has certainly seen a spike on the consumer level through modern social media and gaming platforms, but has experienced a surge in use for enterprise processes and industrial segments. Boeing, for example, uses AR glasses to assist technicians during the wiring process plane manufacturing, cutting production time by 25 percent and greatly reducing errors. Its use continues to grow in demand here in the U.S , and with a growing ease of use for all audiences, the reach for XR solutions will continue to see growth as more consumers discover how swiftly their workflow improves. It’ll be your blueprint to saving time, money, and potential business. 

From surgeons to teachers, augmented reality is at the genesis of its true capabilities. While the learning curve for its use has presented itself as the main point of contention for consumers to transition to XR technologies, the positive user experience has challenged institutions to fully embrace the digital tool. International and domestic enterprise will continue to find ways to integrate the next generation of technology and the chance to join is now. 

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